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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
What I do and will start doing again in a few weeks is eat oatmeal in the AM. That gives you a ton of carbs right off the bat (40 grams or so in a typical bowl). I find that it will carry me throughout the day, but if I am playing after work I will eat a baked sweetpotato for lunch. That totals out to close to 100 carbs and I find that is more than enough.

the problem with carbs is that when you carb load, you get used to that and your body can get hooked on it. That is why I always reset my diet with atkins. the first few days suck and then it gets pretty easy.

I gotta have carbs. That is just the way my body works. I've tried to cut them out before for weight loss and it just sucks all the life out of me on the court.
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