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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
How many serve and volleyers are there in the top 10?
I think you're misunderstanding. At the time Nick poisoned the well with his baseline-centric crap, the field had numerous S&Vers along with baseliners occupying the field. Nick (and many in U.S. tennis) jumped on the anti-S&V bandwagon he launched via his own one-dimensional mind / Agassi's media identity. The rest is history into the Roddick era where his and the generation to follow (most playing variations of the same*) only to witness one of the most incredible drops from majors "grace" in generations. That influence corrupted American men's tennis, and there's no denying that such a form failed (miserably) to pay off with even a few majors--nevermind as many as Sampras.

*With a couple of minor exceptions--for example, Dent and Fish.

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