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Originally Posted by SusanDK View Post
It's odd how Djokovic has seemingly done so much in such a short time, relative to Edberg, Becker and Wilander.

Wilander's first GS title was in 1982, last in 1988, with a total of 7 over seven years, and his 3 in one year were his last.

Edberg's first GS title was in 1985, last in 1992, for a total of 6 over eight years.

Becker's first GS title was in 1985, last in 1996, for a total of 6 over eleven years.

Djokovic doesn't look like he's done winning majors yet, so if he's not in the tier with these three yet, I have little doubt he will be.
its not odd coz the top players r in contention for more slams more often due 2 surface homogenization

in 20 yrs, every player who has spent any amt of time near the top of the rankings since the mid-2000s will have a djoko-like slam record n we will realize that they aint worth as much as they used to be
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