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Originally Posted by MariaRafael View Post
Don't know much about "shut up", but as far as "be quiet" is concerned, he was absolutely right.

Djoko*****es were awful. They were screaming and jumping throughout the match like monkeys in the circus. And in that episode the linesman called "out", the *****s split the stadium with screaming, Federer went to the line, checked the shot, wiped off the print, and was returning quietly to his baseline.

Everybody understood that Federer admitted the shot in, and stopped making noise. The *****s continued screaching ORDERING Federer to tell the umpire that the shot was in. At this moment Federer kindly asked them to be quiet.

I was very greatful to him because this well-mannered sweet-voiced family nearly destroyed my ears.
First, do not pretend to be stupid and associate his behavior as "kind".

Second, no matter what situation, you don't tell a person twice your age to shut up...or to be quiet. That is the respect part...especially if it is your opponents mother...

After reading your comments, I truly don't expect you to understand my point.
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