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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
So you may not get the aerobic workout from just playing to prepare you for the several times during the match where successive long points will really test your reserve.
Perhaps I didn't phrase my question more clearly, but I do get enough aerobic workout OFF the court. I do cardios.

If your goal is maximum anaerobic fitness to face any situation on court, you probably will have to do some off court HIIT.
Actually, my question was if a tennis match entails enough anaerobic exercise to warrant ample recovery. For example, if I do one interval training per week off the court, would playing two matches per week be tantamount to over-training, in the same manner three HIIT per week would be considered over-training?

Don't forget HIIT can involve doing agility drills at maximum speed to work on your changing direction.
USTA agility drills:
Thanks for the material. It's really helpful!
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