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Originally Posted by gunnd5000 View Post
dire do you not think its about time that the 2004 thread about paintjobs which is stickied in the pro rackets and gear section was unstickied it doesnt even get a post a month now and seems redundant as its 8 years old
Unstuck, link was dead anyways

Thanks for this, it's stuff like this I miss since it's just been around so long. I have been thinking of refreshing all the stickies, TBH.

Originally Posted by Start da Game View Post
i understand that view but this current look needs to go.......i think half the posters are driven away to other forums mainly because of this dull 90s message boards look.......
I wouldn't really worry about it, if anything, we'd just give different themes as options, but wouldn't force any on there. While the default VBB theme might be "boring" to some, it's clean, and the colors work with TW's logo/theme. I'm still waiting for an e-mail from the board's technical admin... not sure what he's up to..
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