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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Of course one can argue (successfully) that since we are talking about NTRP divisions, this should already be compensated for and that the only reason for age divisions is to compensate for physical issues (which the old system did better since there are plenty of fit 41 year olds).
Or, one might argue that the age divisions are motivated by USTA's desire to provide more playing opportunities for the segment of the population that has demand. Older people generally have more time for tennis than younger folks who are busy establishing a career and raising a family.

The cynics amongst us might also argue that this is driven not so much by USTA's desire to serve, than by the realization of an opportunity for more revenue.

Either way, presumably there was demand from the 40-50 crowd for more playing opportunities, and this drove the reorganization of the age brackets.
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