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You always have to read between the lines in these interviews from Fred.

Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
I thought the Olympics, okay, that's fine. That's a personal choice. I thought for sure we would see him in Toronto, but now he missed Toronto and Cincinnati. It's very surprising, because it was nothing that we heard of prior to the injury. He played so well on clay, and then actually seemed fine at Wimbledon. He had more time by losing earlier at Wimbledon. So it came as big surprise now, these two pull outs for me. Even the Olympics, too
See? Looks like he's being friendly and concerned about Rafa, but pointing the obvious that Rafa's injury excuses are over-exaggerated and fake.

Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
I hope he'll be back for the [U.S.] Open."
Of course Fed wants him to be in the USO, once he draws him in his half he'll get his dream joke draw to the final.
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