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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Nadal is questionable for the U.S. Open
Ticker - Monday, August 13, 2012

Rafael Nadal tells the Spanish TV station Laverdad that he is questionable for the U.S. Open, which begins on August 27. Nadal has not played a tournament since Wimbledon due to tendonitis in his knees. "I don't know if Iíll be ready in time for the U.S. Open," he said. "I can't say yes or no. [The injury] is not the same as other years, and I have found it a little different."

Federer concerned for injured Nadal
Ticker - Monday, August 13, 2012

Roger Federer says heís concerned about the health of his longtime rival, Rafael Nadal, who hasn't played since Wimbledon due to a knee injury.

"I was going to write him and check on him because I can't believe he's been out that long," Federer told reporters in Cincinnati. "I thought the Olympics, okay, that's fine. That's a personal choice. I thought for sure we would see him in Toronto, but now he missed Toronto and Cincinnati. It's very surprising, because it was nothing that we heard of prior to the injury. He played so well on clay, and then actually seemed fine at Wimbledon. He had more time by losing earlier at Wimbledon. So it came as big surprise now, these two pull outs for me. Even the Olympics, too. So I'm sad for him. I hope he'll be back for the [U.S.] Open."

Nadal injury could be way worse than 09.....looks like he aint in the Open this time. Federer looking worried....great to see that from a great ambassador. Truly think he misses Nadal like SW19 09!

I agree, this Federer person is soooo arrogant.

He is bragging about his ability to write ( Nadal can only Etch a Sketch the number 11)

Also, he is taunting Nadal's inability to bounce back from crushing defeats which even Federer went through from Nadal. Yet Roger comes back and fights again where as Rafa hides for weeks and weeks, galivanting in the company of other people's little children.

Come back Rafa, show us the steely determination you are supposed to be exhibiting
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