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Originally Posted by tennischemist View Post
hollywood that's perfect! that's exactly the kind of explanation that works for me!
That will be 6-pack of Moretti La Rossa for services rendered.

Payable at some point in the future. You better not be like TFM (god rest his soul) 1978 and bilch on bets that you never won in the first place.

For the record TFM (god rest his soul) 1978 does pay up his bets when said bets are won.

TFM (GRHS)1978 - you can serve 110 MPH that faster than you think
Me - after numerous blastings of serves with no gun readout becuase my girth was blocking the gun finally hit 127 "Beer please"
TFM (GRHS)1978 - eventually paid for said beer, or got someone to buy it for him and he gave it me.

I dont know.

Anyway Moretti La Rossa 6-Pack from you or someonne representing you. To me.

Zap has been known to over bay for Boars Head hot dogs so maybe you can trade him some hot dogs for some Moretti La Rossas and give them to me.

On the other hand I dont want beer Zap traded for hot dogs.

Enjoy your knots.
Touched by his Noodly Appendage
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