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Used to travel there regularly as my bro was on UofA faculty for 20 years. Driving through the Saguaro National Monument is a bit repetitious, unless you're eager to see thousands of cacti, but nearly everyone does it. You're about an hour drive from Nogales, a somewhat tawdry Mexican border town, with everything that implies. Just west of Tucson is the Desert Museum, a modest desert style zoo with a nice view of the hills and a limited array of animals. Don't know if Old Tucson, a replica Wild West town where many movies and commercials were filmed, is still there but it would be very close to Desert Museum, west of town. At night, drive north into the foothills for a sparkling nightlight view of Tucson. South of Tucson are some old spanish style Catholic missions, and an underground ICBM missile silo turned into a tourist attraction -- very good tours are given there.
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