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This stuff gets complicated with the different systems that supply energy and the times associated with each. They all work together.........

From Periodization Training for Sports T. Bompa, M. Carrera(Pg 28 ):

1) Anaerobic Alactic (ATP-CP) System - supplies very intense energy for up to 10 sec. CP is creatine phosphate. Example, weight training, the first 6-10 reps of a 12-15 rep set to failure.

2) Anaerobic Lactic System - supplies energy for intense exercise lasting up to 40 seconds - Examples, 200 & 400 meter dashes and weight training at 40-50 reps. Uses Glycogen.

3) Aerobic System - requires 60-80 second to start. This system uses oxygen and exertion requires heavy respiration. Uses Glycogen....

With the point durations in tennis and the time between points the % of play in each category makes tennis mostly anaerobic. The reference, page 132, characterizes tennis as

1) 50% alactic (#1),
2) 30% lactic acid (#2)
3) 20% aerobic

Energy supplied by creatine phosphate (1) & glycogen(2 & 3).

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