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Originally Posted by csg4005 View Post
Any suggestions? I recently have been demoing the Juice and have had some wrist pain. From what I've read, that can be helped by getting a racket that has more flex. Any suggestions? I am currently demo'ing the Prince exo3 tour 16X18 and the Prince warrior. Both have lower flex and I have not had any wrist pain with either.

Any suggestions on other rackets that are flexible? Preferably lower than 66 and weigh between ~11 and 11.5?

Side not - Is the warrior 100 considered a "chick stick?"
F**k the chick stick talk. First of all, it's black and not bright pink with a Gucci designed sparkling handle. Besides, if John Isner can bare playing a chick stick, I'm sure you'll be just fine too.
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