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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
Hey PV,

Wow... you really hated this string. I am doing a repair on my stringer..(waiting for a cluch spring) and will be stringing this later in the week. Since I really respect your reviews...I am not excited about this offering but will indeed go thur the process... since I am a bit OCD about going by the rules.

Thanks for your insights..

rdis10093 on here is a guy I string for in real life. One day last year, I was leaving the courts and he handed me his racquets. He'd gotten some free sets of the 4G then that he was just desperate to get rid of because it was so bad so he asked if I wanted to take them. Only time I've ever refused free string because I know I would never recommend anyone use it. What makes it all the more interesting is that he is a Lux diehard. I should clarify, however. The string is not in itself poor. It just doesn't do anything better than any other string in any area. Feels like first gen poly.
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