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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
So Gaudio has won at a higher level than Murray ever has? Just wanted to be clear that you'd choose Gaudio's career over Murray's.
Erm let me see... YES. A slam is a higher level than Masters or an olympic gold. That is plain to see. Therefor Gaudio won at a higher level than Murray ever has.

And yes I'd rather be a slam winner than a guy who won loads of titles but failed in 4 slam finals (if he never wins a slam) If I was Murray and failed to win a slam in my career, I would feel I'd wasted my potential, If I was Guadio I'd feel I'd exceeded my wildest dreams.

Ultimately you do the best with the talent you have, but I guess some guys like Guadio do more with their lesser talent, than Murray has done with more talent. For guadio to win a slam was a huge achievment, if Murray doesn't win one it will look like a big failure to live up to his abilities.

Now if you asked me who's talent I'd rather have, I'd say Murray. But what good is it if you don't fulfill the ultimate goal of winning a slam?
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