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The laws of physics cannot be ignored...lighter objects vibrate more when an equal force is applied to them. Ergo, play with as heavy a racquet as you can to generate needed racquethead speed to impart spin. Likewise, hollow objects vibrate more than solid items. Ergo, stay away from wider profile frames...they have much more "open" space inside the racquethead. If you choose Babolat, the Pure Storms are gonna be better but not ideal.

One thing I've found is my arm usually only hurts from off-center hits. If your skill level is such you can play with a smaller head, denser pattern, straightish beam (22mm or less), then choose a soft, thin, playable string (no polys) at moderate to low tensions and restring frequently. That should keep the Advil in the medicine chest.

If you want a new stick, try the aforementioned Pro Kennex Kinetics...the lower numbers in the series will work best. Also, Yonex' isometric head shape makes for a bigger sweetspot, resulting in less jarring ball impact.
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