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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
Dats - Sounds like my kind of basketball game, haha. And as far as your secret restaurant goes... the last time you recommended a place and we went, a rat jumped up on the table and went all Ratatouille on us.
JRK... u r so funny but im laughing cuz its true too!
you know me too well.

the yelp reviews for secret mexican place aren't great for some reason.
but they are from a bunch of courthouse yuppies that get scared when
they enter "the real deal". im talkin drunk sombrero wearin mexicans hunched over in the corner with a bottle of tequila. muchachas wearing
tons of makeup and not much for clothes working it for tips.
real deal my amigos... real deal.
jwoww goes there with me and always gets the "lomo saltado". i think that might be spanish for "rat meat in ketchup" but she likes it!

the food is bueno yo! cmon... i know its no 100yr grease burger
but the TWMAC invasion of this place would be so classic.
Sap needs to bring GOPRO vidcam and Zapvor and HW attendance is
JRK can grow a beard and wear babyR in a bjorn for full effect.
we drink cervezas and pound enchiladas... or vice versa.

JRK.. we're goin back to kenmore middle school on thursday for more
horrible basketball. be there at 6pm and plz bring a trunk full of weapons...
ya know.. just in case.
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