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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Because I got the gold then, it was called 4G then, and I got the gold now, it's called 4G now, and it strung and feels identical. I don't really think I need more evidence than that lol
just wondering cuz i don't remember it being called 4G then. i just recall it being called the gold prototype string. i seem to remember that the gold string was more gold than this one. the color of this one looks almost like BBO. i thought the gold prototype was structured based on your macro photos. is this one also structured?

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
As per my style, took macro images. This is in fact a non-twisted, faceted poly. The facets are very small, so it maybe 10-sided or so. I'd estimate string diameter (do not have calipers here) to be about 1.25mm, so I'd say this is a 16L poly. Nonetheless, check out the texture:

Will string up and hit with on Friday. Very interested to see what this string is all about.

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