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Originally Posted by Magic of tennis View Post
Hello Lilguy,

I had same wrist pain whenever I played tennis.
Irregardless of whatever causing the problem, the best solution is wraping up with good tape ALL THE TIME when you play tennis.
There will be 3 things can cause: 1. bad technique 2, stiff racquet with poly + high tension 3. previous injury at wrist or ?

I tried wrist exercise with weight but it doesn't seem to help me. Taping is the best way. Rest with ice for 1 week or so until pain disappears then you start to play with taping. You will not have pain again. Maybe you might have some sore after heavy playing day.
good solid advice. i did the same as was all good for about a year. since the wrist was painfree, i stopped wrapping and the pain came back.
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