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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Why, do you know him personally or something? How do you know you can believe what he is telling the press? You don't know that what he is saying is true any more than believing what strangers on a tennis forum say. Both are strangers and unless you know a person you don't really know the full story period.

Nope,but neither do the people who are insisting he's not really injured. I will still choose to believe him over certain people on this website. Especially because those same people can't stand Nadal,and want to think the worst of him no matter what he does.

And next time Fed says his backs hurts,I expect Fed fans to call him a liar because they don't know him personally,therefore cannot take his word for it. I mean,if some anonymous haters on an internet forum say he's faking,people should give their word the same credence as they do Fed himself.

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