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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
I'm with MikeJ. This would ruin college tennis as we know it. These gusya re fit, they can play 3 sets.

It's not like we have to worry about shortening matches for TV time. So absurd.
Totally agree.

I played college tennis back in the '90s, when the doubles lines were also best of three sets. I had a hard time buying into it when they shortened the doubles to a pro set. Therefore, shortening the doubles even more, and reducing singles to a third set breaker if they split? No way!!!

Why would they do this? As you mentioned, it's not like they have television restrictions to deal with. Besides, entire tennis meets usually last around 3 hours, which is about the amount of time a football or basketball game lasts. And it's not like tennis players are getting serious injuries like athletes do in other sports... so why change anything?
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