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I've often imagined tennis and golf using images similar to this in my head. In my mind you have the initial velocity and launch angle. Of course the speed is mostly determined by how fast the racquet head is moving. Launch angle came be the same either with open orclosed face (and whatever angle in between). For example, to achieve a launch angle of 45 deg upwards, simply angle the racquet 45deg and swing straight along that path. However, one could get the same launch angle with a square face. Now a faster swing on a steeper plane is required to overcome the natural deflection angle.
Once the ball leaves the strings I imagine the denser cushion of air on the leading spin side pushing the ball in the opposite direction, and gravity pulling down.
I taught myself how to hit a draw in golf laying in bed at night. I had tried a lot of hitting, but it didn't work until I imagined and understood what was happening.
It really helps to understand the principles of physics to visualize shots should be. However, once you're on the court, just let it flow.
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