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Originally Posted by JustBob View Post
One more time...

Chronic knee tendonitis can become degenerative. When you treat tendonitis with NSAIDS, ultrasounds, shockwave therapy, and even platelets injections (which I believe is what Rafa is doing), you are essentially treating the pain and not the condition itself. Over time, these treatments lose their effectiveness, and with repeated cycles of inflammation, you get tissue damage/degradation of the tendon and even the surrounding cartilage. Your knee tendonitis turns into knee tendinosis, an even more painful condition which can take months or even years to completely heal. And if you ignore it, the damage can become permanent and your tendon can become so brittle it can tear.

So, IF this is what Rafa is experiencing now, then he should stop playing and seek the best doctors/treatments available. It's not like top level athletes do not have the resources. Maybe he needs surgery, maybe not. Maybe he's out 6+ months, who knows... But he just can't continue like this, and not be able to walk at 35...

Fans tend to blast others and say stuff like "he's had this before! it's no big deal! you hate Nadal so you want him to retire!". Perhaps, they should stop being obsessed with Nadal's accomplishments, and think about his future...
Well said Bob.

Google 'Owen Hargreaves' if you want to know how debilitating tendonitis can be to a professional sportsman.
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