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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Nadal more talented than Federer? You really believe that?

The only reason Nadal ever beat Federer is that he caught Fed on the downslide. Nadal, who I do like, is nothing more than a baseliner getting by on others mistakes. Even Nadal says Federer is better, even now!
I was merely quoting the greats such as sureshs. How dare I say anything contrary to what the inventor of the Real Slam says.

Murray winning the upcoming US Open ... what will that signify ??? ... the end of the glorious Nadal era -- surely that's what Fred is really worried about. He's worried that the blame for the long-awaited Murray Era will fall squarely on his shoulder. First he lets Djokovic get through to USO finals, and we see Joker 2.0 2011 Edition. Unbeatable.

Now he let's Muzza through in the Mulympics (or Murrympics), heralding the Muzzera.

EDIT: Mick, have you check the FYB website (fuzzy yellow balls).
"He is much like Federer, only slightly heavier." -- StringerTom on suresh. "He is much like suresh, only slightly lighter" - vanioman on Federer.

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