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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Nope,but neither do the people who are insisting he's not really injured. I will still choose to believe him over certain people on this website. Especially because those same people can't stand Nadal,and want to think the worst of him no matter what he does.

Come on, Clarky.

People who insist that Nadal is not injured are thinking the worst of him !!!

And just as I was thinking you may be talking of two different sets of people, I see you saying "same people".

You are tripping up in your heroic endeavour to put down those terrible, virulent Fred fans, lol

Take it easy, Clarky, there are better things in life than to take on each and every person who doesn't like Nadal. There will always be a million or so. In any case, we will all always have our opinions regardless of the facts. Everyone can't be exactly like you -- believing whatever Nadal's doctors say.

Chill, my friend, the Muzzera has begun !!
"He is much like Federer, only slightly heavier." -- StringerTom on suresh. "He is much like suresh, only slightly lighter" - vanioman on Federer.
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