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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
It might interest you guys that I have spent SO MUCH time away from tennis, that 3-4 months ago as I started training my 11 year old son, I started learning about what racquets we use today, what players, strings, it's all new to me. Federer is like the Ali of Tennis, it's not just how great he is, but how good it looks, so I'm a fan!

It seems everyone today is a baseliner. I have started my son on a old wood 75 inch head. The result is that he's learned shot placement, footwork, arm strength, etc. Now he uses a PS BLX 90, and can really play. He just beat this 11 year old USTA championship winner.

The game certainly has changed, I don't like the baseliners, seem like they don't really play, seems like they just sit back, hit it as hard as possible without aiming, and hope for the other guy to make a mistake. (No offense to any baseliners), I'm just saying the game has changed.

Anyways, cool to be here, seems every night I'm looking up something tennis, I'm going to compete again as soon as I can get in shape and shake off what, 4 different injuries so far! I've spent the last 3 months on pain pills!
With you on the same page! The grace, the class, the elegance fed brings no one else can! Also as sentinel suggested check out the FYB website will Hamilton is a pretty decent online coach
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