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Got to hit 2hrs with the 4G yesterday...

Aggressive all-court game, 1hbh (topspin and slice) and I like to flatten out my forehand when the opportunity presents itself. I have zero problems generating my own pace.

Racquet (strung specs):
Dunlop Aerogel 100
362 Gr
323 mm BP
350 SW

49# in a full bed
No drama stringing the racquet, definitely easier than other Luxilon offerings, but the string is rather prone to kinking.

On court:
First impression was that the string is rather muted and low-powered, very comfortable, and offers good control. Spin production was nothing to write home about.

After 15 min hitting, my feeling was that the biggest strength of this string was that it didn't seem to have too many weaknesses. The biggest weakness was lack of touch/feel even for a poly.

By the second hour, the strings were moving a little more than I would have liked. Additionally, I found myself overhitting on some short balls. I suppose I could have strung a little tighter, but this was really the deal-breaker for me for reasons I've outlined below.

It seems to me that Luxilon has created a string that goes dead very quickly, but still remains playable long after that. For players who are looking to get 10-15 hours out of a poly this could be an option, so long as they are willing to string the racquet tight and let the strings break in. I'm a tournament player though, and I want to pull a freshly strung racquet from the bag which will give me immediate and consistent performance for at least the majority of a match. I don't care if I have to cut them out afterwards, and this offering just didn't fit the bill. I think Luxilon clearly made some sacrifices with this string to keep it playable for the long-haul. Definitely not what the brand is known for. Assuming the strings have the typical Luxilon price tag, I'm only further discouraged. It's just not my cup of tea, but hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
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