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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post

yeah i need to lose alot of weight too. Saw the foot doc. That is what he said too that's impairing the healing of my knee.

I need some regiment. I've pretty much cut carbs out of my diet except for a small bowl of rice at night. Bad part is that it's really zapping my energy. Need some advice from folks that's had a successful weight reduction program. Heard calcium really helps to curb hunger so drinking fat free milk in the AM and eating costco fat free greek yogurt as well. Chipotle runs are salad, beans, and chicken. Wonder if Chik Fila has a chicken sandwich, "animal style"
In my slimmer wookie days, I basically upped my veggie intake (fiber and water in fresh veggies helped me feel full), added more beans to my diet, stuck to chicken and fish mostly, and kept the carbs but reduced the amount.

I also added a cheat meal once a week to keep from going crazy. Paired that with 2-3 days of exercise every week and that seemed to work pretty well.

IMHO - not a big fan of some of the fat-free yogurts as they tend to just replace fat by adding a ton of sugar.
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