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Played three sets yesterday, alternating between my normal setup, APDGT+ with TB 18 at 48, and an APDGT+ with 4G at 48, both full beds.

In summary, there was not much about this string I liked. In all aspects it didn't hold a candle to Tour Bite 18, except for durability, which is TBA.

I'm an aggressive 3.5 baseliner, in plain english, it means I tend to hit straight into the back fence more often than I hit a ball in.

The 4G full bed felt much stiffer than TB18, and as I recall felt stiffer than any of the ALU offerings. The initial feel reminded me of BB Ace.

Power: The test string was low powered. I had to take even bigger cuts at the ball than I normally do to produce a similar effect. 5/10

Spin: The test string was not very spin friendly. TB18, ALU and ALU rough, even at similar guages are adept at producing a bounding ball that explodes off the court. Not so with 4G -- my opponent commented on how much less spin I was getting with it compared with my normal ball. If I had another set I would maybe drop the tension to 40lbs. 3/10

Feel: What feel? This string feels very muted, in contrast to the rawness of the ALU series and broken in TB.

Control: Directional control was on par with TB.

Comfort: I've played full beds of TB and ALU Rough in the ADPGT+ at similar tensions, even past their points of deadness, with no comfort issues. Unfortunately that wasn't the case with this test string. Although not overtly painful at impact, over the course of the set my hand and brachialis became a little sore. The soreness went away after going back to the TB racket.

Durability: All I can say so far is that it hasn't broken yet. Iw as half expecting premature breakage given the kinkage issues I had during stringing.

Tension Maintenance: The string dropped some in tension. If the question is how long before it became unplayable, my response is that it was near unplayable to begin with.
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