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Manny Diaz was blasting this on Twitter last night. When one of the most successful and prominent coaches in college tennis is publicly calling out the changes, why is no one at the NCAA listening? I'm SURE he's not the only one.

This isn't about conditioning or wear on the players. In all of the college tennis matches I've watched, I don't know that I've seen more than a handful of times a players being just down right exhausted in a 3rd set. They are in shape. They play matches twice a week during the season usually, and every other day during the NCAA tournament. It's not THAT much tennis.

I wish I could go back and see a game by game of all the NCAA tournament matches to see how this rule change would have wildly swung the results. And you better believe it would have caused a different outcome.

It's not that radical of a change. It's just totally unnecessary. Why water down the final product? It's not going to turn me off of college tennis, but I'd be very disappointed to see it come to fruition nonetheless.
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