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I thought the problem of long matches was solved when they went to the 7-point match, with 3 doubles pro sets counting as 1 point.

Remember before that, they played 9-point matches. 6 best-of-3 singles, followed by 3 best-of-3 doubles.

Yes, some dual matches can very long and the disparity in length of team matches is large. But, that's the nature of any sport that does not utilize a clock. You can't ever guarantee that a match won't be "too long". Deal with it.

I guess by making further reductions, they are at least reducing the length of the longest matches. But, I think it's ridiculous. Really, one set of doubles for each position? I guess, you could argue that since doubles is worth one point, playing a traditional set at each position simply equals a traditional best-of-3 match spread over 3 courts. But, it's just not the same.

As far as 10-point 3rd set breakers are concerned, you could leave it up to the coaches to utilize them during the regular season if they agree. Maybe a match started late due to weather and the visiting team really needs to get home. Maybe weather was really hot for a weekend of duals and coaches want to preserve their players for the rest of the season. That's fine. But, when it comes to playing for titles, I think they should play out the 3rd set.

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