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On Lxn fb page: "Tried the 4G (thanks for the shirt!) It was softer than what I am use to, but I am a fan of polys. So depending on the price I would try it again for sure."

This is the first tennis I've played since moving down to Raleigh, it's good that my girlfriend has enough time to play and help me test this out. I wonder how the huge increase in humidity affected this test, and how it will affect my game whenever I play outdoors...

I did a full set up of the poly, love the full goldish color. tension was at 57lbs, a normal tension for me but higher than normal for polys. I have been getting into kevlar hybrids between 57 and 63lbs, and believe it or not, my arm is just fine. I was using a Head TT Raddical Tour OS (199 for the test.

The power level was fine, since my higher stringing tension lowered the general power of the string. Since this was a softer poly, I did need to adjust to the swing power to play the ball the way i normally do. Full swings are a must.

As touched on before, it felt on the softer side of the polys ive used before. I playtested and loved the Beast XP string, and this was in the same ball park.

I was able to get about the same amount of spin from the polys i have used. I switched to kevlar because I can really feel the bite and see the spin, which wasnt happening with the poly all the time. I tend to hit flatter, but when wanting to, I was able to get a good amount of topspin for sure.

Being a softer poly, it was comfortable on the arm, but I prefer the firmer strings myself. Durability should be fine, I played about 2.5 hours in one shot with it and didn't notice anything that would suggest otherwise. Tension maintenance was about right for polys, but I don't pick up all that well on tension until the pop in my serve starts to go.

Control was there for the most part. Serving was fine, I was able to get some good spin while hitting my spots on the second serve. For the most part, I felt like I was able to get the ball to where I wanted to go as long as I was in position to do so.

Compared to the Kevlar/Syn gut hybrids I am using, the 4G has less bite, less pop, and less of the general feel I like. But it has more power, slightly more control, and more playability. I may recommend someone string it in the normal tension range (where my tension is prob higher than normal) to get the best results out of the poly.

Summary - I liked the spin off the serve. Didn't have the most pop ive ever played with, but was def up there with spin an placement. I did not like that it had less pop and was more mushy than my kevlar. There was no glaring weakness of the string, and if it were on the inexpensive side, like mentioned above, I would try it out again for sure.
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