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Default Cracked Frame?

Hitting serves this afternoon my frame flew from my hand and smacked into the ground.

I've never cracked a frame before, deliberately or accidentally. So I have no idea if this thing is done for or not.

The paint and surface on BOTH sides of the frame at 12 showed a little bulging. I scraped off the paint/surface material and the structure underneath appears intact. I can't see a crack, I hit some more balls and everything appeared fine, tapped it on the ground and later with a heavy spoon and it sounds just like my other frame.

Have I dodged a bullet or might there be damage below the surface, inside the structure? It's strung with gut/poly at 56/54 and the string job is a couple of weeks old. Is there any safety issue using a potentially cracked frame?

In any case I'm buying another one since they're OOP by Dunlop and I really enjoy this frame. Just need to know if I can keep using this thing. I'd post photos but I believe that's useless since all you can see is the graphite where I scraped away the surface crack is visible.
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