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Default USTA Mobile Access Website

I have just published an early version (beta) of a mobile website which the intent of is to try and make the USTA Tennislink site a bit more usable on mobile devices (outside of iPhone since they get an official app).

The url is: (when viewing in full browser keep in mind this was designed for a mobile device so it will not look very good on large screen).

Please check it out and keep in mind that it is a very early beta and may have some bugs. Also this is my very first mobile web site ever (I primarily code internal business apps and never before on a mobile device) so I am still learning some of the design aspects. I have only been able to test this on an HTC EVO running Android 2.3 and a iPhone 4s but on those 2 devices things seem to be running pretty smoothly.

I initially contacted the USTA about the possibilities of them producing an app for Android or Windows Phone but they responded that they had no time frame on producing one.
I then contacted them expressing my desire to make one for them and tried to get them to work with me. They declined saying they could not share any information with me and I would have to wait until they produced something internally.

So in my frustration I am slowly reverse engineering as much of their website as possible and trying to recreate it myself. Of course since they will not work with me there are quite a few things that I simply can not do such as: registering accounts, tournament entries, updating scores, or anything that involves saving data to their system.

What I can do (and have begun doing) is simplifying and replicating some of their search functionality as well as creating a way to save searches.

So this initial release contains the following:
  • Tournament Searches - simple and advanced
  • Player/Team searches
  • Ratings Search
  • Rankings Search
  • Saved Searches - This way you can easily save a tournament search or player history search without having to remember all the criteria. This was very frustrating for me as I play tournaments and I hated having to bookmark every tournament search since the USTA site had no way of saving it.
These functionalities are largely the exact same (except for saved as that is something I created new) as they would be on the main site except they are more friendly and lightweight for a mobile device. Once you actually execute the search your results will show in the full USTA website as if you had performed the search there.

I will continue to reverse engineer as much of the USTA Tennislink site I can and try to keep adding functionality. I am also open to any suggestions or ideas you might have as well so please let me know. At the footer of every page on the website there is an email address I have setup that will be listening for any bugs/suggestions.

Also, I fully intend on developing an Android and Windows Phone app after I have this mobile website completed. I decided to start with a website because I am a web developer (smaller learning curve) and it would be available to more people faster vs having to code separate apps for each platform (something I have never done before either).

One final note, the service hosting my website is something new as well so it may not be super high performance. If I(or you) notice that the site is simply getting slow from too much traffic then I will move it over to a better hosting service.
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