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I don't ven think the number one ranking is of any concern to nadal. If he starts winning loads of titles again and it happens, it happens. Similar to Federer where I don't think he was that focused on the top ranking this year til it suddenly looked possible.

To be honest I think if Nadal doesn't return to number one next year, he never will. But who cares if he can still win slams?

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Seriously,who cares about this? His career is hanging in the balance yet people want to quack on about getting back to #1. How about he actually gets back on court period before we start worrying about needless crap like this.
I agree just playing is the number one issue, and who cares about the top ranking now, but that's a little bit rude to a nadal fan and one of the best/nicest/fairest posters here..
How to clarky - work out most or only realistic outcome, claim the opposite
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