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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
I don't like the change, but this will not be the end of college tennis as we know it. Again, this is only for the NCAA championship team draw and not for every dual match in the regualr season
I don't see the point of this at all...don't they abandon all the matches as soon as it's over? So most of time, that long three setter never finishes anyway?

But that said, so the once and while when you have a true war between NCAA teams in the NCAA tourney, involving players in the biggest match of their lives...instead of letting them gut out something that they'll be telling their kids about 20 years from now, they play a virtual rock-paper-scissors to decide it all - taking all the guts and grind out of the equation.

Upside for those who whine about foreign players: Fewer top juniors and foreign players who have pro potential will want to play now weaker players will have better shots at college scholarships.

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