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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
The problem with very flexible racquets in that low weight range is that they will most likely be very underpowered. There's really only two ways to get power out of a frame - either stiffness or weight. To compensate for the lack of weight, most lighter racquets are made stiffer. However, a heavier racquet can afford to be flexier and still be able to generate some power from the weight itself.

The Wilson HPS 7.1 Zone was one of the worst racquets I've ever hit with because it was both light and flexy. It felt like playing with a wire coat hanger and I had trouble just hitting the ball over the net.
I played with the Wilson 7.1 Zone about 7 or 8 years ago briefly.
That thing was anemic! I'm probably exaggerating, but it felt as though
the racquet took 15-20 mph off of my serves and groundstrokes.
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