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Originally Posted by TenFanLA View Post
Looking forward to your vs/4s review. How long did vs/0s last you? What vs gauge? I've been using TonicBF BT7/4s at 52/47 and it's lasting me a LOT longer than vs/other polys.
It lasted about 15 hours for me and I didn't have to restring the crosses. For testing, I primarily use VS Team 17 gauge mains and if possible 17 gauge on all my string setups. I know it's only about 10-15% difference in feel and comfort between VS Touch 16 and VS Team but I am willing to trade durability for that extra feel.

The only gripe I had with 0S was temperature sensitivity. The hitting qualities changes considerably depending on whether you are hitting in low 50s to 60s or high 80s and up. It definitely plays better in warmer conditions than colder temperatures which made it feel a bit pingy. I initially though the strings went dead since all my other setups start to ping when they go dead in my racquets but discovered that it was the weather that made it play so different.

I didn't experience this issue with PLE but PLE requires me to cut out the cross around the 10 hour mark which is when I started to feel the ping. Ltec on the other hand lasts a bit longer and I would definitely put it in my top 3 category.

For now, ranking is listed below until I try out 4S.

1. Pro Line Evolution
2. Ltec 0S
3. Signum Pro Poly Plasma Orange
4. WC Silverstring
5. Luxilon Alu Rough
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