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Originally Posted by BHSC View Post
Here’s just a few examples of how the new changes would have affected this year’s NCAAs.

[truncated - but lots of awesome examples]

How many “special” matches are just two sets and end in match TBs?
excellent post - i don't get excited about college tennis for the matches that end in 2.5 hours, it's the wars like those matches that make this sport so special

those all end immediately if this change happens

yes, there will still be "exciting" matches that come down to a few points, in fact that will happen even more often, but it will all feel fake to me

imagine a match like singh vs clayton a couple years ago...clayton wins the first set then sanam turns it up a gear and progressively takes it to him in sets 2 and 3 in front of a wild stanford crowd

under the new rules, the match comes down to a few points simply because clayton got a hot start, throw away the value of sanam's heart and incredible fitness - those will be next to worthless if an opponent gets hot for a few big shots in a TB
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