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There would still be too much variance in match length. Here is a modest proposal:

1) Start all sets at 2-2 to cut them shorter.

2) No-ad scoring, singles and doubles.

3) Doubles only plays to 6 games like singles.

4) Instead of the first to 10 match tiebreakers after split sets in singles, play one of those dramatic 9-point tiebreakers like college did eons ago, and they do today in World Team Tennis. No overtime tiebreakers that way. Sudden death. Get the whole thing over with already.

5) In fact, do all tiebreakers as 9-point sudden death tiebreakers.

This way, the very longest possible singles match would have only 16 games total, plus three of the 9-point tiebreakers. Now we're talking fast matches.

If the above does not work out well, start all sets at 3-3 instead of 2-2.
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