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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Now that's an understatement, or they haven't raised a solid junior or college player so there are a lot of holes in the big picture of things discussed. Sure, some were, but many could only dream of college play, myself included. Which is why so much on this forum is completely off. Entertaining, but inaccurate. It's like eavesdropping on lunch break at "the factory," but instead of hearing yammering about how Sunday's football game should have been played, this is about tennis. Just hard to find a bunch of tennis fans at a single workplace, so we gather here. The college players I know that have seen this site laugh at it, think it's a bunch of bs, it's so bad. But I think we all know that.
The college and top junior players I know think the NCAA proposal is terrible, and the people here mostly agree with them, and the college coaches seems to agree as well. So this board cannot be too bad in that respect, right?
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