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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
The college and top junior players I know think the NCAA proposal is terrible, and the people here mostly agree with them, and the college coaches seems to agree as well. So this board cannot be too bad in that respect, right?
Ya Clark, there are certainly things that are good about the board, like it can be a good source of info on new things (like this change). Maybe my post was too broad-stroke. But when you are or have been on the inside of a junior issue, are or have been a coach, or know a junior or college player well, or know a college team closely, or work within USTA or ITF, or at an academy or other situations that get you on the inside of some of this stuff, - one can see just how much posted here is wrong, so it's hard not to invalidate the whole thing. But certainly entertaining at times.

p.s. I loved the reply about tennis in the stone age....reminded me of... "in my day we walked to and from school 5 miles in the snow uphill in both directions."
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