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Originally Posted by tennisgreat755 View Post
According to Zoo Tennis, "changes are believed to be reduction of doubles to a six-game set, with the singles decided in a a super tiebreaker if there is a split, with the goal of shortening the matches." Does anyone else think this is ridiculous!?
If this is legit it would make college tennis even less relevant than it is now. I know I'm dating myself but when I played college tennis we played best of 3 sets for both singles and doubles--so sometimes we'd play 6 sets a match. Each match counted as a full point so you had to win 5 matches to win a dual match. Our team won an NCAA championship and we EARNED it. Seems to me there is a direct correlation between the demise of college tennis and the shortening of the doubles matches. This would only diminish college tennis further. Next they'll be using World Team Tennis scoring.
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