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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Limp, try this: stick your arm out like you are going to shake someone's hand. make sure your wrist has no flex, no extension, no deviation. 100% neutral wrist. now put your racquet in your hand while keeping that same neutral position. The racquet is pointed up and at a slight angle right? It kind of 'looks' c0cked back if you look at it from a certain angle right? And it looks just like how the pros are holding their racquet in the take back and just before the beginning of the forward swing right? This is what they are doing. Neutral, loose wrist. Then they pull forward, the wrist flexes back and they make contact with the bent back wrist.
IMO, the optimal position of the arm and racquet to begin the unit turn back is with both the elbow and wrist at 90 degree angles, with the elbow in and forward, the hand at approximately the same height as the elbow, the top of the racquet pointing straight up, and the racquet face pointing to the side fence. When you begin your forward turn, the flex you're referring to is suppination of the forearm, not flexion of the wrist.

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