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Originally Posted by TennisEko View Post
Patrick is doing something no one has tried. Give it a chance. He is not stupid, I think that we will produce more and more champions in the next few years. What we've got now is not working.
Maybe..... maybe not......

You state "Patrick is doing something no one has tried".

When the USTA got rid of the competition for the boy's 12's, I am sure they thought it was a good idea at the time.
After all, no one had tried that yet......
I mean they wouldn't intentionally mess up a whole group of boys development by taking away their competition.
But, it turns out they did, and then they REVERSED themselves, even though at the time it seemed like a "good idea".
So, here is a nice example of a well intentioned plan that was not researched or thought out,
it went bad,
and then they had to reverse themselves.
So, the elimination of competition has been tried before and it was not a success.

And on a different note, you state they will produce "more and more champions in the next few years".
What bothers me about that statement is the following:

1) They had to eliminate 50% of the Super National tournaments to produce more champions?

2) They had to decrease the other two Super Nationals tournaments to produce more champions?

3) What does the national tournament schedule have to do with the other 99% of the kids who want to first play college tennis and now their exposure to college coaches has just been eliminated or vastly reduced?

4) When did the USTA become only about producing champions?

The USTA can greatly change everything and then change it back ( 12's Boy's - OOPS) as there is no accountability.
We can't vote them out.
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