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As you can see by our forum name we are the official representatives for Tier One Sports . We just found this post and thought since it is dedicated to our brand we stay ready to answer anybody's questions about our tennis strings. Due to tennis warehouse's forum policies we have to be very careful NOT to market our products with any of our posts. Thus we will try to keep all our responses very basic in this forum. For more detailed responses/inquiries we suggestion to communicate with us through email or facebook.[/quote

Do you have one that plays like X1 Biphase or Xcel Power? I prefer a crisp multi that offers some power when I am not using VS Team mains and testing some new poly cross .
Sorry that I can not give you a straight answer. When we tested the Triumph string we gave it to people who usually play NXT Tour and they were very satisfied with Triumph. To be honest, we never tested it with people who usually play Biphase or Xcel Power. But talking strings with people over the past 2 years many consider Biphase the gold standard of multifilament strings - but then again strings can very much be a personal, subjective experience.

The only thing I can suggest is to give Triumph a try
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