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Originally Posted by aceprojesus View Post
I feel like a lot of the posters in this thread aren't actually college players, or current juniors...I don't think you guys realize that a hard fought 8-game pro set followed almost immediately by a best of 3 set match can be quite tiring sometimes. A match that ends with a super-breaker can be just as special as a 3 set match. I don't think the doubles should be shortened, anything shorter than an 8 game pro set would be silly. But, I think a super-breaker would add a lot more tension and excitement to the game, as well as shortening matches. It would also give lower ranked teams that don't have 6 blue chips in their lineups a better shot at pulling off an upset if the "better" team was having an off day.
But under the proposed rules, this situation would be made even MORE difficult. While the lengths of the matches and the 3rd set are being reduced, so is the time between doubles and singles (to 5 minutes) and eliminating individual warmups.

There's literally nothing redeeming about this proposed plan.
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