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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
You're talking about suppinating in the takeback rather than at the start of the forward swing. Yes, that's a bit WTA'ish, but, I'm not too concerned about that now. I would strongly urge against the flying elbow in the takeback. The elbow should remain in and forward throughout the entire swing until contact when it comes up and out. However, he's also making a loop with his hand which shouldn't be there, IMO.
Look at the videos I posted. Safin, Fed, Djoko, Almagro, Monfils. They all take the racquet back and the elbow is leading. This happens automatically if you hold both hands on the racquet and don't lead with the head of the racquet by cocking back your wrist during the takeback.

The flying elbow is when you lead with the elbow, separate your hands and keep the racquet head in front of your hand a la sampras. that's different. just leading back w/ the elbow is not a 'flying elbow'.
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