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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
When you say "lead with the elbow," I'm picturing Lendl and Sampras. Those are flying elbows. I don't know anyone leading with the elbow as their primary technique today. IMO, the takeback should be led with the hand, or at minimum, with the hand and elbow together. The elbow should be in and forward. So, it wouldn't be leading the hand.
look at the vids i posted. they all lead with the elbow. can you show me one vid of any current male pro that doesn't take back with leading elbow?

it's called flying because the racquet head is in front of the hand/elbow after separation. like sampras. and the elbow is still going back hence the 'flying'. in modern fhs the elbow goes back and then the racquet goes behind or even with the elbow.
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