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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
With olympics, USO, toronto, cincy skipped, that is a huge amount of pts. If Rafa had played those events this year, he could at least have gotten 1500 pts (total events worth 4750 ) if not more from that bunch. That means that to be no 1 before toronto/cincy next year, the only way Rafa can make up for this hole is to win 2 of the 3 slams before USO plus a few masters.

Btw I'm not saying Rafa should have played USO, I'm simply suggesting the implications of skipping so many tournaments. Basically I expect Rafa to not get to even no 2 in the world until late next year.
Except he's not giving this stuff up voluntarily. He has no choice. No need to stir the knife in the wound at this point.
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